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Mightex develops cutting-edge all-optical imaging and stimulation tools designed with life scientists in mind. From signaling networks inside cells to large-scale neural circuits in the brain, our solutions enable scientists to investigate life’s unanswered questions and push the boundaries of life science research.

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Patterned Illumination


Targeted Optogenetics


Freely-Behaving Imaging and Stimulation


Large-Scale Imaging and Stimulation

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Featured Publication

Feola et al. (2017). Localized Optogenetic Targeting of Rotors in Atrial Cardiomyocyte Monolayers. Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology.

White Paper

Patterned Illumination for Optogenetics in Cell Biology.

Application Note

Induction of CA1 Theta-Nested Gamma Oscillations Using Layer-Specific Optogenetic Stimulation.