Spotlight LEDs

Mightex BLS-series precision LED spotlight employ the latest high-power LED technologies and a proprietary coupling optics to achieve the best beam uniformity. In conjunction with BioLED light source control modules, these LED sources can be used for a wide range of applications including optogenetics and other bio-photonics applications.


  • Uniform illumination spot with a highly delineated edge
  • High output power
  • Multi-element aspherical optics
  • Wide range of available wavelengths
  • Adjustable focus
  • Multiple mounting features for lab and OEM applications
  • Integrated heatsink

2. Select LED Controller


BLS-1000-2, BLS-3000-2, BLS-13000-1, and BLS-18000-1



Add a PolyEcho Multi-Channel Intelligent Control Module (PEC-CM12-U)


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