Fiber Photometry
Fiber Photometry


Fiber Photometry is a form of calcium imaging in which gross neural activity levels are measured from select populations of neurons across time.

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      Key System Requirements

  • Easy-to-use hardware and software interfaces
  • Simultaneous collection from multiple regions of interest
  • Robust tools for data synchronization with peripheral devices
  • Low impact mount to reduce animal strain
  • Multi-color configuration for isosbestic signal collecting and multi-sensor probing
  • High temporal resolution data collection
  • Simple integration with optogenetic tools
  • Real-time signal visualization

OASIS Implant System

  • Compatible with any C-mount scientific camera
  • Capable of collecting data from multiple ROIs, and/or multiple animals
  • Synchronization and time-stamping across all hardware devices in the system
  • Modular design, can be easily integrated with optogenetic tools
  • Upgradable to cellular-resolution calcium imaging

    Research Highlights using OASIS Implant

The cingulate cortex (CC) is a key brain region in the limbic system that coordinates actions and motivational behaviors. Somatostatin-expressing GABAergic neurons in the cingulate cortex (CCSST) can provide powerful inhibition to the CC circuitry through high basal firing activity and synchronized firing.

The video shows Ca2+ activity of somatostation-expressing cingulate cortex neurons during social interaction collected using the Mightex OASIS Implant system.

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Huanhuan Li & Prof. Geoffrey Lau

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


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