Manual/Analog LED Controllers

Manual/Analog Controllers

Mightex BLS-1000-2, BLS-3000-2, BLS-13000-1, and BLS-18000-1 LED controllers are designed for driving Mightex LED sources. The controllers have two operation modes:

Manual Mode: the output current can be controlled by manually turning the knobs; or
Trigger Mode: the output current can be controlled via an external analog input signal between 0 ~ 5V.

The control mode is selected with a slide switch on the front panel, and the factory default is “Manual” mode. BLS-1000-2 and BLS-3000-2 provide Maximum Current Selection DIP switches on the rear panel, which allow the user to set the maximum output current of the channel to 500/750/1,000mA for BLS-1000-2, and 1,000/2,000/3,000mA for BLS-3000-2, respectively. The factory default is set to 500mA for BLS-1000-2 and 1,000mA for BLS-3000-2, respectively. BLS-13000-1 and BLS-18000-1 has only one maximum current setting of 13,000mA and 18,000mA, respectively.

When the controller is set to “Trigger” mode, the output current is fully controlled by the input analog signal (0-5V).


  • Dual Control Modes: manual or analog voltage-input
  • Fast response – up to 100kHz modulation frequency
  • BNC connectors for analog voltage inputs
  • Simple connections
  • Capable of driving variable loads


  • Optogenetics
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Microscopy
  • Testing instruments
  • Medical instruments
manual controller 13000mA
Power Supply Input Voltage (DC), Vdc (V)9 ~129481212
Power Supply Input Current (DC) (A)>total/combined channel current<2.513.7513.75
Channel Driving Voltage (Max) (V)V dc - 4.5V dc -
Current Accuracy (mA)±3%
Output Driving Current Range (Ma)0 ~ 1,0000 ~ 3,0000 ~ 13,0000 ~ 13,0000 ~ 18,000
Channel Output Power Limit (W)<20<15<72<95<135
Channel Frequency Response (KHz)<100<50<3<3<3
External Analog Input (V)0 ~ 5
Dimensions (mm)160 (L) x 157 (W) x 68 (H)221 (L) x 156 (W) x 96 (H)
Weight (g)600100

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