Mightex Research Excellence Prizes Winners

Below is a list of Mightex Research Excellence Prize winners. For details about how these researchers are using Mightex’s market-leading Polygon and OASIS for their research, please click the project titles to access the full descriptions.


Jean-Baptiste Lugagne, PhD & Prof. Mary Dunlop

Boston University, USA



Discovering a new cardiac arrhythmia mechanism in neonatal rat atrial monolayers using patterned illumination, Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology, Leiden University Medical Center, (2023). 2nd prize.

Tim De Coster, PhD & Prof. Daniël A. Pijnappels

Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands



Exploration of the mechanism of refractive error in the mouse retinaThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (2023). 3rd prize.

So Chung Him, PhD & Prof. Pan Feng

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong




Xinyu Xie & Prof. Zhipeng Yu

Sichuan University, China




Jayant Rai, PhD, Prof. Kenichi Okamoto & Mei Zhen

University of Toronto, Canada


James L. Butler, PhD &  Prof. Ole Paulsen MD-PhD  

University of Cambridge, UK




A rostro-caudal map of V1 inhibition in axial motor circuits, Washington University in St Louis, (2021). 

Mohini Sengupta, PhD & Prof. Martha Bagnall

Washington University in St Louis, USA


Photopatterning of multi-domain DNA hydrogels, Johns Hopkins University, (2021). 

Misha Rubanov, PhD & Prof. Rebecca Schulman

Johns Hopkins University, USA



Pixelated wrinkles using patterned optical phase retardation, Chungnam National University of Korea, (2021). 

Kitae Kim, PhD & Prof. Jun-Hee Na

Chungnam National University, Korea



 Kim Gruver, PhD & Prof. Alanna Watt

McGill University, USA



Pedro Herrero-Vidal, PhD & Prof. Dima Rinberg

New York University, USA


Mark Mitmoen, PhD & Prof. Ofer Kedem

Marquette University, USA



Huanhuan Li, PhD & Prof. Geoffrey Lau

The City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Optogenetic characterization of muscular responses in the tibialis anterior (TA) muscle, Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin, (2021). 

Emma Moravec, PhD & Prof. Jordan Williams

Marquette University, USA


Isaac Kauvar, PhD & Prof. Karl Deisseroth

Stanford University, USA



Elliot Dine, MD-PhD & Prof. Jared Toettcher

Princeton University, USA