Calcium Imaging Head-Fixed
Head-Fixed Calcium Imaging


Mightex OASIS systems enable researchers to visualize individual neuronal activity in deeper regions of the brain and explore large-scale cortical regions of the brain in association with different head-fixed behaviours.


     Key System Requirements

  • Quick and easily integratable with existing experimental rigs/setups
  • Access via GRIN lenses to deep brain regions
  • Access to lateral and posterior regions of the brain
  • High temporal resolution for reliable and accurate GCaMP(GECI) data acquisition
  • Ability to access multiple brain regions simultaneously at variable depths
  • Ability to cover large FOV
  • Ability to excite multiple sensors (multi-color)
  • Reconfigurable to include optogenetic stimulation of sub-regions within the FOV
  • Reconfigurable to include optogenetic stimulation and/or intrinsic imaging capabilities
  • Compatibility with wide-range of animal models

OASIS Calcium Imaging Systems

The OASIS Implant and OASIS Micro systems offer calcium imaging and targeted optogenetics capability in deep brain regions.

The OASIS Macro is a mesoscope for all-optical targeted optogenetics, calcium imaging, and intrinsic imaging. The OASIS Macro enables researchers to simultaneously image the entire mouse cortex and perform targeted optogenetics (with Mightex’s market-leading Polygon DMD illuminator).

For more details, please click “In Vivo Calcium Imaging: The Ultimate Guide” here.


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