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SFN 2019 in Chicago is approaching fast! Of course, there are lots of great talks and posters related to imaging and optogenetics.

You can find Mightex at booth 1755 at SFN 2019 with equipment for all your imaging and optogenetics experiments.

New Products from Mightex at SFN 2019

Mightex is releasing two brand new products at SFN 2019:


The OASIS Implant with Rotation Adaptive Mechanism (ROAM) includes cutting-edge technology to allow our imaging fibers to rotate while generating minimal torque on the animal and providing the highest degree of animal movement for studies of naturalistic behaviors. When studying behavior paradigms that require constant animal movement and multiple changes of direction, the OASIS Implant ROAM will be the perfect solution.

  • Bi-directional, 360-degree, unconstrained fiber rotation allowing animals to move and rotate freely
  • Rotation adaptive mechanism for Polygon1000 to precisely track stimulation areas while the animals rotates freely
  • Interchangeable imaging fiber probes to accommodate different imaging/stimulation experiments
  • Furcated fiber probes for multi-region stimulation and imaging
  • Interchangeable cameras, compatible with both GECI and GEVI imaging
  • Motorized stand for easy height adjustment to further enhance freedom of movement

Click here to learn more about the OASIS Implant ROAM.

Polygon1000 Pattern Illuminator

Mightex’s market-leading Polygon pattern illuminators provide precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it the perfect illumination tool for life science research.

  • Larger field-of-view, finer resolution
  • Faster than anything in the market
  • Real-time projection, closed-loop control
  • More power, extra flexibility

Click here to learn more about the Polygon1000.

Come visit Mightex at booth 1755 to see live demos of our new products and talk with our specialists.

Mightex Customer Talks/Posters at SFN 2019

We also have plenty of customers presenting data featuring Mightex products. Below you can find some of the posters from our customers using the Polygon.

  1. Mechanisms Underlying Seizure Development and Epilepsy (B78)
    • A. Proddutur, University of California Riverside
    • Sunday October 20th 1-5PM
  2. Visual Pathways: To and From the Cortex
    • C. Murphy, University of Wisconsin
    • Tuesday October 22 4-5PM
  3. Synaptic Transmission, Integration, and Signal Propagation
    • S. Shin, Hussman Institute for Autism
    • Wednesday October 23 2-3PM
  4. Optogenetic Induction of Long Term Potentiation at Somatostatin Interneuron Excitatory Synapses Causes Metaplasticity in Pyramidal Cell Afferent Pathways in Hippocampus
    • A. Asgarihafshejani, Universite de Montreal
    • Tuesday October 22 3-4PM

Relevant Talks/Posters at SFN 2019

Lastly, SFN is the place for the most up-to-date findings related to optogenetics and imaging. Below is a brief list of some interesting posters and presentations featured at SFN 2019.

    1. Two Photon Reversible Inactivation and Optical Highlighting of GCaMP Expressing Neurons in Zebrafish Larvae for the Study of Circuits
      • C. Fornetto, European Lab for Non-Linear Spectroscopy
      • Sunday October 20 10-11AM
    2. A Bi-directional Optical-genetic Toolkit for Reading and Writing Topographic Neural Population Codes in Behaving Macaque Cortex
      • Y.Y. Chen, University of Texas at Austin
      • Monday October 21 10-11AM
    3. Ultra-large Field-of-view Optogenetic Stimulation and Two-Photon Imaging of the Foveal Region of Area V1 in Non-human Primates
      • J. Chanovas, SUNY Downstate Medical
      • Monday October 21 8-9AM
    4. Comparison Between Transgenic and AAV.PHP.eB Mediated Expression of GCaMP6s Using In Vivo Wide Field Functional Imaging of Brain Activity
      1. N. Michelson, University of British Columbia
      2. Tuesday October 22 11AM-12PM
    5. In Vivo Three-photon Excited Fluorescence Imaging of Neural Activity in the Spinal Cord of Awake, Locomoting Mice
      1. Y.T. Cheng, Cornell University
      2. Wednesday October 23 8AM-12PM
    6.  In Vivo Population Voltage Imaging of Neural Activity in Awake, Behaving Mice
      1. S.N. Shroff, Boston University
      2. Tuesday October 22 8-9AM
    7.  Minimally-invasive Optogenetics in Mice and Non-human Primates with a New High-sensitivity Opsin
      • X. Gong, MIT
      • Sunday October 20 2-3PM

We look forward to seeing you at SFN 2019! Come visit Mightex at booth 1755.

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