In Vivo Calcium Imaging
and Optogenetics:

OptogeneticsĀ and calcium imaging have advanced the field of neuroscience by making it possible to manipulate and image single-cell neural activity in vivo. The ability to perform cellular-resolutionĀ optogenetics and imaging in multiple brain regions (surface and/or deep-brain) enables researchers to stimulate and visualize neurons, individually or simultaneously, to study the link between neural activity in multiple brain regions. Using the methodology depicted below, researchers are able to investigate neural activity in multiple regions in the cortex and/or in the deep-brain. Below you can find application examples.

Simultaneous Multi-Region GCaMP Imaging

In this video, a mouse is connected to the OASIS Implant via a split imaging fiber to simultaneous image GCaMP signals in the mouse prefrontal cortex and ventral hippocampus (Courtesy of UCSF).

The OASIS Implant provides the ability to image in multiple brain regions simultaneously.

Multi-Region Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

with Mightex’s OASIS Implant