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Mightex is proud to introduce the next generation of Polygon for patterned illumination, the Polygon1000. The Polygon1000 provides the same features and reliability as Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 (currently used in 300+ labs worldwide and published with in 35+ publications), and improved design for more intricate photostimulation experiments.

Key Features:

1. Higher pixel count (1 million pixels).

2. Fast-loading speed.

  • 4ms loading frame time can enable virtual real-time pattern illumination for closed-loop experiments.

3. Increased maximum frame rate (6600 fps compared to 4000 fps) means better temporal resolution for:

  • Advanced physiologically-relevant experiments.
  • Virtual simultaneous 2-color illumination of distinct ROIs.

4. Larger DMD chip capable of handling higher optical power for more power-intensive applications.

5. Polygon1000 achieves up to 45% increased power density at the sample level compared to the Polygon400 (Polygon1000-G vs Polygon400-G).

6. UV to visible range illumination for a wide-range of experiments.

7. Interchangeable front tube optics, enabling better trade-off between FoV and spatial resolution.

  • Larger field-of-view without compromising resolution and power.


To learn more or contact us about the Polygon1000, please see our brochure or visit the Polygon page on our website.

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