In early September, Senior Liaison and Development Scientist, Catherine Thomas, PhD, was privileged to join forces with our newest European distributor, Green Leaf Scientific at the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) 2023 meeting in Granada, Spain. The event was attended by over 5000 neuroscientists from a wide variety of different countries, providing us with a unique opportunity to engage with scientists from across the globe.

Catherine showcased the Mightex OASIS Implant for freely behaving cellular resolution calcium imaging and targeted optogenetics with a live demonstration of the system in action!

Moreover, Catherine presented our very first scientific poster highlighting the exciting work our team has been up to on our novel analysis pipeline for one photon calcium imaging data, collected using the OASIS Implant.

This Mitacs-funded Innovation project focused on addressing the challenges facing scientists when analyzing fiber-based one photon calcium imaging data, with a system such as the Mightex OASIS Implant. Fiber-based one photon calcium imaging provides a versatile, modular, and lightweight option for combining in vivo calcium imaging and optogenetics in freely behaving animals. However, the data collected from such an approach are often complex and dense. Extraction of meaningful conclusions from these data can be computationally challenging and often requires coding experience.

As such, the pipeline outlined in this poster presentation builds on signal processing research and existing open-source tools to offer a user-friendly, intuitive, and code-free interface with customizable features and parameters. This pipeline significantly expands the opportunities afforded to behavioral neuroscience researchers and shifts forward the possible research opportunities when examining circuit dynamics in freely behaving animals.

We would like to acknowledge special thanks to Jian Zhang and Xuejun Du of the University of Waterloo for their continued collaboration on this Mitacs project as well as OASIS Implant user Jayant Ray from Kenichi Okamoto’s laboratory at the University of Toronto for his collaboration and feedback on iterations of this pipeline.

Looking to use our analysis pipeline for your research needs? An initial version will be shared with existing Mightex OASIS Implant customers in the coming months with further roll out scheduled for 2024. Watch this space and get in touch to learn more!


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