Scientific Support
Webinar Series

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new 2023 Scientific Support Webinar Series!

Join our experienced team for dedicated monthly sessions designed to provide training and tips for successful experimental preparation, execution, and analysis.  Each webinar will include a 30-40minute presentation and/ or demonstration of a relevant topic for optimizing research with our OASIS and Polygon product lines. This presentation will be followed by a question and answer period, feedback and discussion with current Mightex customers. Mightex team members will also share new and exciting advances and product roll outs with attendees.  


Check out our upcoming webinar topics below!

Upcoming Webinar Topics

February 3rd 10am EST

“GRIN Lens Surgery Implantation for Calcium Imaging with the OASIS Implant”

 Speaker: Dr. Catherine S. Thomas

** Webinar now available on MyPage**

March 3rd 10am EST

“Choosing Indicators: GCaMP and More

 Speaker: Dr. Catherine S. Thomas

**Webinar now available on MyPage**

April 21st 10am EST

Headmount Attachment Surgery for Calcium Imaging with the OASIS Implant

 Speaker: Dr. Catherine S. Thomas

May 5th 10am EST

“PolyScan3 Optimization for Calcium Imaging with the OASIS Implant

 Speaker: Dr. Francisco Rodrigues

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