I/O Control Module

Analog and Digital IO Control Module

Mightex BioLED Analog and Digital I/O Control Module is a system-level control solution to be used in conjunction with the BioLED Manual/Analog Controlled LED Controllers and with the Polygon Patterned Illuminator. It greatly extends the flexibility and ease of system-level set-up when working with Mightex’s Polygon systems.

The I/O Control Module features four (4) independent channels. Each channel has an external trigger input (TTL), an analog voltage output (0-5V) and a digital output (LVTTL). All I/O connectors are BNC-type to work seamlessly with laboratory equipment. Intensity waveform of up to four (4) high-power LED light sources is controlled by the I/O Control Module1, each can output light at a different wavelength (i.e. color). Up to thirty-two (32) different waveforms can be programmed onto the I/O Control Module via USB or RS232. Each waveform can be associated with any one of the four LED’s to form a catalog of up to 128 unique Color/Waveform pairs.

The I/O Control Module can be synchronized with Polygon Patterned Illuminator. Each illumination pattern can be synchronized with one of the 128 Color/Waveform pairs, and one can generate a complex sequence of illumination Pattern/Color/Waveform combinations quickly and precisely. The I/O Control Module thus provides a convenient means to simultaneously achieve spatial, spectral, and temporal control of the most advanced illumination system for optogenetics and other experiments.


IO Box Specifications

Synchronization with Polygon400Yes
Number of Channels4
Power supply, Vdc (V)12
Output analog voltage resolution (%)0.1
Output analog voltage range (V)0 - 5
Output analog voltage accuracy (V)+/-0.5% (or +/-3mV)*
Output digital levelLVTTL
Time resolution (µs)20
Maximum pulse number21
Maximum pulse repeat100,000,000 times
External trigger levelTTL
Max. trigger delay (µs)25
Host interfaceUSB or RS232
Non-volatile memoryYes
Dimensions135(L) x 140(W) x 105(H)

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