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SFN 2018 (November 11-14th) in San Diego, California is approaching fast and Mightex will be attending (booth #3130). Mightex will have live demos of their Polygon400 patterned illuminator for cellular-resolution optogenetic stimulation, as well as their OASIS Implant for freely-behaving cellular-resolution optogenetics and calcium imaging.

There will be plenty of interesting talks and posters available at SFN 2018 (see here). There are a few posters featuring Mightex’s OASIS Implant and Polygon400:

1. Matthew Tran (University of Toronto). AA4 – Towards a microcircuit-based understanding of multiplexed spike codes in the neocortex.┬áMonday November 5th 1PM-5PM. (Polygon400)

2. Noaf Salah (Boston’s Children Hospital). OO10 – Exploring motor repertoires induced by optical stimulation of corticospinal neurons. Tuesday November 6th 1PM-5PM. (OASIS Implant)

Please come visit Mightex at Booth 3130 at SFN 2018 and we can help address all your optogenetics and imaging experimental needs!

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