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Application Note: Simultaneous Optogenetic Stimulation and Electrophysiology Recordings

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  • Whole-cell electrophysiology remains the gold-standard technique used to understand how, at a single-cell level, neurons integrate inputs and reshape their synapses.
  • The development of optogenetics has provided researchers with a powerful tool to stimulate neural circuits, but many setups that combine optogenetics and whole-cell electrophysiology have limited stimulation spatial specificity. The use of patterned illumination via digital micromirror devices (DMD) can solve this problem.
  • There is often a mismatch between the magnification required for visually guided patch-clamping (40-60x) and the ideal magnification for optical stimulation of specific pathways in a brain slice (≤5x).
  • Here, we describe a dual magnification setup optimized for the combination of both visually guided whole-cell patch-clamping at high magnification and targeted optogenetic stimulation at low magnification.