Multi-Port Illuminator

Mightex’s Multi-Port Illuminator (MPI) enables researchers to add a Polygon400 Patterned Illuminator to their microscope for targeted illumination while keeping their original light source for epi-fluorescence or other wide-field stimulation. MPI can be used in any inverted or upright microscope (e.g. Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss), or on Mightex’s OASIS Macro/Micro/Implant systems.


Multi-Port Illuminator

Combining Wide-Field and Patterned Illumination

multi-port illuminator


  • One port accepts a standard 3mm-core liquid lightguide to produce wide-field illumination
    • Customers can use their existing light source and light guide.
    • Mightex can also provide LED light sources.
  • The other port accepts Polygon400 to produce patterned illumination
    • Standard front tube should be removed from Polygon400 before inserting Polygon400 into MPI.
    • Both “E” and “G” models of Polygon400 are accepted. “D” model is currently not accepted. *Older infinity-path Polygon400 models need to be converted to C-mount version first.
  • Standard-size dichroic in interchangeable filter cube
    • Optional excitation filters can be installed in filter cube.
    • Holds one (interchangeable) filter cube at a time.

Application Examples

  • Use on an inverted microscope where the back port is already occupied by a traditional epi-fluorescence illuminator, for customer who wants to keep the fluorescence imaging capability.
  • Use on an upright microscope not equipped with epi-fluorescence illuminator. MPI allows for the addition of both wide-field and patterned illumination capabilities onto the microscope.
  • Use on Mightex OASIS Macro/Micro/Implant systems. MPI provides additional flexibility in system configuration.
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